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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there and welcome to my page!

I'm Bansini, and I like manga styled art. However, I do other styles too!

I hope you can check out my gallery, and if you find anything you like, please comment or fav!

I love if you can help me improve! I hope you like my art!

If you want to commission me for anything,
please send me a note.
Merry christmas everybody  
Hey Guys!

So I’m planning to host a Secret Santa this year. Would you be interested in joining? Anyone can join, but I’d love if you gave my gallery a look!

UPDATE: Here's a definition of what 'Secret Santa' is, taken from this journal cause it's explained beautifully there.

Secret Santa is a holiday activity during the Christmas season when a group of people exchange gifts, each person giving one gift to one other person in the group. However, each individual has no idea who they will recieve their gift from. They cannot alert the other person in any way who their Secret Santa is until the gift giving date.

How does it work on deviantART?
On deviantART, the idea is that the presents are pieces of art that you make for people - whether that's drawings, stories, things you've crafted... whatever.


  • You must have at least 2 deviations in your gallery

  • You don’t have to watch me, but I’d love if you gave my gallery a look!

  • You don’t have to make a journal advertising this event, but if you do it’s likely that we’ll get more attendees so I strongly recommend you do so.

   Send your applications via note form to SeasonalExchanges ! If you've already sent in a note to me (Bansini) or to Jestereir , you don't need to send it in again. :)

Till the 30th of November, I will be accepting applications after which I will compile a list of suitable pairings and mail them out via note form by 2nd December latest. You should post your deviation and send it to your recipient between 25th December and 7th January (the twelve days of Christmas).

If there is any delay in getting your part done, please note me! If you are suddenly unable to complete your part, please inform me so I can assign a swing santa. Please be aware that if you are unable to complete your part (not a delay), you will not receive anything. All attendees who do not send in their part by the 7st of January will be subject to repercussions.

There will be no exchange of tangible material. I cannot ensure that you will be safe if you choose to give out your address, so I will delete any addresses which come my way.

Please include these points in your application for our knowledge:

  • Would you be okay with mature content?

  • Which media will you create your work in?

  • Which media would you like to be used for your work?

  • Are you willing to be a swing santa? (See below)


Here’s a few points to keep in mind when writing an application. The information will be sent to your santa, so include everything you’d like them to know about you in it. It’s best if you include the following:

  • What’s your age/ age range?
    Ex: I’m a teenager

  • What gender do you identify as?
    Ex: I’m male

  • What is your favorite color(s)?
    Ex: I like the color pink, in pastel color schemes / I like jewel-like, royal colors like ruby red.

  • Are there any references which santa can use?

  • What would you like to see in the artwork?
    Ex: I like the TV show Sherlock and am quite fond of the character Molly Hooper/ I really like animals, especially wolves.

  • In reference to what you like, what is something related that you wouldn’t want to see?
    Ex: I don’t really like the character Sally Donovan / I don’t like reptiles or snakes.

  • What are your fandoms/favorite characters (if you’d like them drawn)?

  • If you want the santa to be able to draw you:

    • How do you look?
      Ex: A description, or even better a photograph

    • What do you think are five items which represent you?

    • What are five items you would carry with you to a resort?

    • What kind of clothes do you normally wear?
      Ex: I wear a black polo dress with pink accents and a pink bow to tie up my shoulder length, black hair into a pony tail. I usually apply natural makeup and nail paint.


If you’re a legal minor, please make sure to ask your parents if you can give out this information. You do not have to give out your age. You can request me to withhold your username from the santa until after they’ve made their part.

Important: We will be needing a few important people to ensure this event runs smoothly.

  • Swing Santa: Incase a participant cannot complete their part, we will need swing santas to create a piece of work and receive something in return. I hope we don’t reach this point, but it’ll be useful to have your involvement all the same! You can be a participant and be a swing santa too. If the need arises and you help is utilized, you will be featured.

  • Organisers: If you can help me with organizing and preparing the logistics for this event, (such as sending out notes, etc.) It’ll be a great help! Please note me. You will be featured.

  • Promotion: We need people who can spread the word for this event. This can be done by journals, making forums, posting comments where applicable and even adding this journal to groups. I will be willing to feature you if your work helps boost the audience!


Christmas La I hope you guys are as excited for this as I am!Christmas La 


Artists Toolbox

I'm Bansini , and I'm going to be linking you to great tutorials that explain how to create 10 different DIY art materials. This is super useful when:

  • you need art materials fast but the store's closed,
  • the materials you need are really expensive,
  • you just want a quick trial of the medium, 
  • the material is not available in your vicinity and you'd have to order it online
  • you need something cheap, quick and easy for Halloween!

I've got a 'Halloween' section for each one, which tells you how they can be of use during the season of scares. Without further ado, here they are!

10. Sticker Gum

I've seen a lot of artists make stickers, but sticker paper can be very expensive and sometimes it doesn't last too long. Use these instructions to create your own, depending on how much you'd like them to stick!

My version: I learnt this one during KG summer camp. :)

  • First, you draw your design on either a piece of paper using color pencils, or a plastic sheet using sketch pens.
  • Then, tear off a piece of tape of a similar length and place it over the design.
  • Next, press the tape lightly over the design to transfer the design to the tape.
  • Lastly, peel the tape off, taking care not to rip off any paper along with it. Voila! :la:

MTS - Halloween Series by MVRH

Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : Use this to make fun ghoulish stickers for neighborhood kids! Can also be used to convert magazine cutouts or printed pictures into scary decorations.

9. Body Paint

Cosplaying and costumery often requires body paint, but safe, non-toxic ones are hard to find when pressed for time. I know 'poster paints' work very well, but can be slightly damaging to skin and aren't as smooth for long wear.

  • Firstly, mix equal parts of Body Lotion and cornstarch in a bowl. Add some vegetable oil for smoothness.
  • After that, separate the mixture into different bowls/containers, depending on how many colors you want.
  • Next, use the mixture on it's own if you wanted the color white.
  • For other colors, mix in either old makeup, homemade vegetable dyes , use my personal tutorial or use Crayola non-toxic paints. Please make sure that they're non-toxic! I've seen tutorials which melt Crayola crayons and use them for coloring, but I haven't tested this myself. I know that would be easy to obtain, though.

 Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : Use this when cosplaying a character! Works great for skeletons, I've tried and tested both methods! (Comment if you'd like a picture, I'll send you a stash link with my version)

8. Glitter

Glitter can get expensive sometimes. This really great tutorial shows how to make an 'easy clean' glitter replacement from salt! Blogger Kimberly shows us how to make kid friendly glitter here

Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : Sweet Lolita / Some cartoon characters could use a lot of glitter. Try a cute twist on your favorite characters! Every character becomes more fabulous with a pinch!

7. Spray Ink - Alcohol Based

This is one of the most amazing tutorials I've seen for permanent ink. It has two different versions: a Kool-Aid one, and a Faber-Castell one. Read on for more cool stuff! 

 Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : Use this for permanent, hard-to-fade coloring on some clothes items. Works amazing on paper and cardboard, so use it for signs! It creates a really cool 'blood' effect for cloth on fabric and paper, created with 'cherry' version of Kool-Aid.

6. Stencils

Stencils are hard to find, especially when you want one in that insignia from that one anime. It's also difficult to copy the same design twice, the same way. Find a $1 plastic folder, place it over a picture of your design, and cut it the way you want! This works really well for designs with more curved lines. For designs with straight lines or with watery paint, use masking tape to create your shape.

Custom Fabric Pattern Tutorial, Floral Spray Paint by Kapalaka

Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : Insignias. Tattoos. Fabric Designs. Group Costumes. The possibilities are endless! Don't waste your energy trying to recreate intricate material, unless you'd like the artistic challenge, of course.

5. Paper Mache Clay 

Paper Mache is the kids dream - it allows them to create so much when so young. As artists, we can use our talents and create even more with this tool! I've seen and used amazing recipes from this site, and dA Artist FireLilyCosplay has a great tutorial for props! The basic nature of paper mache is using a base (usually cardboard), newspaper and glue to create solid, clay-like material which dries nicely.

Paper Mache Armor and Prop Tutorial by FireLilyCosplayMajora's Mask paper-mache ver. | GIFTART by MajorasMasksBear Dog-Paper Mache by ShadowKiwi

Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : I've seen brilliant paper mache props created by various artists, and I've used it many times myself. It works wonderfully for headpieces, like helmets or hollow masks (Bleach). It can also be used to create decoration inside the house.

4. Air Dry Clay - Bread Based

I once came across this brilliant youtube video which showed me how to create a polymer clay substitute - from bread!

As someone who loves to create small clay trinkets, I know it can be hard to obtain quick substitutes when you just need something to play with. This tutorial is the best solution yet! Here's some stuff I've made which could inspire you:

Darth Vader Charm - Polymer Clay by BansiniGreen Lantern Ring - Polymer Clay by BansiniHouse of Stark - Polymer Clay by Bansini

Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : Use this for your wildest character needs! It works really well for jewelry and key chains (pictured above), as well as other small trinkets the character may have. Furthermore, it's pretty durable, so no worries about it breaking soon!

3. Shrink Plastic

Shrink Plastic is perfect for creating not-so-tacky jewelry! The in-store version is called 'shrink-dinks', but #6 plastic works really well. This can be used for anything from jewelry to buttons to guitar picks. Just draw on the plastic and bake at 350 degrees!

Jack's head bracelet by caithness-shop

Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : For all your jewelry needs.

2. Fabric Paint - Vegan, Non-toxic, Organic Version

For this part, check out my 'Kalamkari' journal for project educate here:

I talk about a wide range of long-lasting, organic dyes!

Pumpkin Halloween  Pumpkin : Fabric painting is an integral part of many a good costume: use your art skills to their best with dyes suited towards your lifestyle!

1. Fabric Paint

I've read multiple ways of making this. One way is to mix glue with Kool-Aid or any similar food-coloring substance. Another is to mix equal parts of water and milk powder with a bit of color powder. Take a look at this tutorial before trying this out!

Fabric Dye Introduction Part 1 by MagpieLaughs

And that's it for now! Tell me what you thought of this piece.
Will you be using these media during Halloween? Leave a comment below!

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Hey everyone! This is my fund from which I'll give back to the community which has supported me for so long. I have people who really deserve premis, points and gifted prints, so please help me support them!

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